your body is your home; stop trying to burn it down.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

The past 12 months have been hard, really hard. But the biggest lesson I've learnt is that your body is your home, stop trying to burn it down.

No matter how much you try and destroy yourself, how much you try and change yourself, your diet, your gym routine, your work, your house, your location, your name, whatever you change - you are still you. The only home you are going to have is the one you're in. The one who looks back in the mirror. You are your home. You are your only home.

When as people did we start this self hate nonsense?
I go into my gym changing rooms and there are mature ladies happily walking around with all their... bits out yet I am terrified of doing that. There seems to be a difference in confidence with each generation. As a 23 year old (nearly 24, cry) I could never imagine doing that, not because I think it's disgusting, but because I think my body is disgusting and I care too much about what people think. Yet these beautiful, lovely mature ladies just don't give a shit. They let it all out and they don't care what other people think, they don't even think about it, they just do it. I wish I was more like them. I wish all girls, young and old, was more like them.

Stop with the change. Start with the accepting.

We should be proud of our home, big or small, light or dark, short or tall, boobs or no boobs, bum or no bum, hair or no hair.
We should be fucking proud of what we are, not hitting the self destruct button and ruining everything we stand for.
We are so much more than our body.
We are so much more than our insecurities.

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