five things this week #1

Sunday, 13 September 2015

I bought the final bits ready for autumn and winter, including a gorgeous new coat from Primark of all places, some beautiful new jeans and the softest scarf known to mankind.
(coat w/collar fur - £28 from Primark, scarf - £14.99 from New Look, high waisted jeans - £22.99 from New Look)
2. I actually, officially, got promoted.
Finally all my hard work seems to be paying off! After a very successful chat with my area manager, she decided she was in fact very impressed with me and gave my (lovely) manager permission to promote me! Which now means at the age of 23, and being with the company I work in for 3 years, I am no longer 'just' a retail assistant, I can proudly say I'm a retail supervisor.
I cannot express how proud I am of myself, or how happy I am!
3. The boots I could only ever dream of last year, I found (and bought) on Depop.
I first saw the Topshop 'Bey' boots last year, they were a dream, I wanted them so much. I searched in every single Topshop I could, but to no avail. Had a few minor tantrums whilst I was on the hunt for them, sorry Megan. But late night shopping on Depop I came accross a lovely girl selling them, and I nabbed them for just £20 including postage, and they've never even been worn. WINTER COME AT ME AND MY BEYS.

4. I had the best, last minute day with the wife.
Me and my bestfriend don't always get to see each other much, even though we do only live literally across the road from each other. Our work schedules seem to work the total opposite and it really sucks. However we had a very last minute shopping trip and it was GREAT. We both bought new perfumes (so now we can match even more oops) and we both probably spent too much. But we laughed and we had Burger King and it was all totally worth it. I love you my Moogy.

5. I booked my first ever driving lesson.
This is probably the biggest thing, like this is huge. I am terrified and extremely anxious to start driving but I think it's about time I conquered the fear. All I'm repeating to myself for the next two weeks is 'I can' and I know when I get in that car for the very first time, I can. However driving is expensive and this is probably going to be a very long journey but hopefully one day, I will actually have something (a car) that is mine. And I can travel wherever, whenever I want. I am a free spirit and I can.

Feel free to share your five highlights from this week, I hope you've all had a lovely week!


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