A Change In Direction.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

A bit of an update:
- I have a new lust for life,
- I have worked my arse off making Lou Barker xo pretty,
- I've quit beauty blogging,
- I'm allergic to milk,
- I miss pizza.

So about me quitting beauty blogging. I have decided that beauty blogging is no longer where my heart is. I love to write and I realised the passion just wasn't clicking anymore, there was no fire, or enthusiasm or motivation to make it work. I can't write with the same passion I had two years ago about beauty/fashion. I just can't. Yes I buy a lot of makeup, yes I own a ridiculous amount of skincare, but I feel like I just don't fit in with the typical 'beauty blogger' anymore.

Where I was two years ago is a completely different place to where I am now. Like completely different. Now I'm somewhat happy, I have a steady job which is actually progressing, I have a handful of really good friends and I have a fire in my belly to write, to write about experiences, to write about my life and to try and help others. Two years ago I hated myself, I hated my life and I thought that by buying a lot of makeup and writing about it was a simple justification to make me happy. Whilst at the time I thought that worked, it didn't. Throwing money at a problem doesn't fix it, only temporarily covers it.

What this actually means for my blog I don't know. I don't know whether it'll be completely beauty-less, maybe a favourites post now and again, or maybe a bit more frequently but as I said, my heart isn't there anymore. I just can't pretend to enjoy something when I don't. I'd rather be honest and happy than fake and lying.

I have however redeveloped my blog. I spent a good week making, editing and coming up with a layout that worked for me. Simplicity. It is very simple and also very easy to navigate, I'm still working on content links due to the uncertainty of what I'm actually going to be posting, but for the time being you can still go read my beauty/fashion posts. Whether they'll stay I'm not sure. Who knows what the future of Lou Barker xo holds right now.

I also found out I am allergic to cows milk which kinda felt like a knife in my heart at the time. I miss pizza more than I miss anything in the world. Vegan cheese that actually melts feels impossible to find but when I do find it I will be sure to be sharing some 'milk-free' recipes with you (not vegan though, I can't live without bacon or chicken, sorry).

And I think that's about it for my update really.
If you have anything you'd like to see on the blog please feel free to let me know, I do have some ideas in the making.
So for now, here's to a change of direction. A change for my own happiness.


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