4 Months Later...

Monday, 25 May 2015

I'd like to say I'm back into blogging more than anything - but I'm not. I'm still really confused about what blogging really means to me. All I'm seeing is sponsored posts which makes me lack trust that people are saying what they really mean. I'm a bit bored of writing stereotypical reviews of makeup, skincare, haircare, it's just a bit boring.

Not only that but when you read a lot of blogs - mostly the ones with more followers and the ones people actually write for a living, you start feeling slightly inadequate. You compare yourself to everyone and comparison never made anyone feel better, ever. I used to love blogging but I feel like it's only pulling me down now and I'm not sure where I want to go with this, I just think I want my blog to be a bit more personal and diverse.

I've got a few ideas running around my mind as to what I'd like to do, I'm just not sure if it'd be 100% appreciated. Posts about exercise, diet, gym, mental illness/awareness, what I've been up too/where I've been, what music I've been loving/not loving, I also I think I'd also like to try my hand at blogging about lingerie for small busted ladies, I just want to make Lou Barker xo a whole lot more personal with the craze of most bloggers not being that.

So for now I'm not sure of the direction Lou Barker xo will go, but any input whatsoever is 100% welcome (specially about what you'd personally like to read/see), all I know is that I'm not going to be writing solely about beauty/fashion, because quite frankly I don't have the fight in me to compare myself to anyone else anymore.


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