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Thursday, 11 December 2014

WoodWick 'First Crush' - £21.99 £17.99
WoodWick aren't really a brand I first think of when it comes to candles, with all the hype over Yankee these days it's easy to dismiss other 'budget' brands. All I really knew about WoodWick was just that - the wick is actually made of wood. However when I was out shopping with the parents one day, I saw this candle on sale (I actually got it for £13.76 - bargain hunter me) and after one sniff, I was quite frankly in love. 'First Crush' is by no means a winter scent, it's fresh and fruity, it honestly reminds me of when all the girls in school had an obsession with strawberry scented body sprays, but much nicer. It's got a ripe strawberry smell which makes it almost mouth watering, it is honestly so gorgeous.
Now lets just take a second to discuss the wick. It looks a bit bizarre but it's actually in an X shape to get the best and the cleanest burn, like I said before it is wood, and this is my favourite bit - it crackles! It sounds like a fire, a warm cosy fire. I've never had anything like it. I must say that the candle burns EXTREMELY well. I've had issues with my Yankees not burning that great, tunnelling candles are the bane of my life, but the formula of the WoodWick wax is amazing (it's actually Soy wax), it melts SO fast which means you don't have to burn them for as long as you do with other brands, and you still get as much fragrance throw from it - of which the throw is incredible. I have also noticed since burning it that the wax has hardly even gone down, after 7 hours burning it's gone down about half a cm. I literally cannot be more impressed if I tried.

I don't really want to sit here slagging Yankee off, but a large WoodWick candle burns up to 180 hours VS A large Yankee at 150 hours. I know which I'd rather choose - and I have. Since buying this one a couple of months back I have already, accidentally on purpose, added another to my collection!

Have you tried any WoodWick candles?


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  1. Ohh I love that it crackles, I'll have to give one a try very soon! xo