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Thursday, 23 October 2014

On the 28th June 2014, I stepped foot on a different country for the very first time. Me and my best friend Megan (you can see her Instagram HERE - she posted lots of gorgeous photos!) decided on Marmaris in Turkey. We'd heard and been told that it's a very calm and collected place, with the option of a night life (via a little shuttle bus) and plenty more adventures to keep busy with. 

Megan in the Icmeler sea.
We arrived very late at night, we stayed at the Emre Beach Hotel which we absolutely loved - we couldn't really fault it. On the first day we woke up stupidly tired and the instant heat was literally exhausting. So we had a quick walk around, found our feet and mainly got used to the nearly unbearable heat. It was ridiculously hot. I honestly just completely misinterpreted how hot it would be.

On the second day we had a walk down the beach front to see Icmeler, it was a very long walk but it was one of those things that really just took your breath away. I had no idea Turkey was as beautiful as it is. It is stunning, completely and utterly stunning. Icmeler was pretty and we ended up buying a really, really yummy ice cream and having a paddle in the sea to cool us down. Again with the heat, it is literally BOILING over there.

We spent the next couple of days shopping (lots of shopping), eating and lazing around the pool and beach, I spent this time hiding in the shade reading a book (joys of a pale lady being in Turkey), it was relaxing and so chilled out, warm, but relaxing. It was just nice to take some time away, I actually read one entire book in 2 days. Everything was just so beautiful and I felt like I was on a completely different planet.
On Thursday we had a boat trip out to Turtle Beach (Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan) which was probably one of the best days I've ever had in my life - other than the journey back, Megan I know you're laughing right now. The sea was.. well, choppy, on the way back which led to me feeling rather seasick and rather scared. Looking back it was hilarious but I was so SO happy to have my feet on solid ground, like I could've cried with happiness.
The first stop on the boat trip was the turtles. Actual turtles. I felt like I was dreaming. They are so bloody adorable and cute and a lot LOT bigger than I ever thought they would be (we actually met two little turtles at the place we booked the trip with and they was tiiiiiny!) but there was just something so heartwarming about knowing people care for these animals, we learnt that no one is allowed on the beach after 8pm until after 8am the next morning to allow the turtles to breed and time to not be scared of the humans, it was all very sweet and I bloody love animals. It was a really good experience and it made me want to befriend all of the turts.
Then it was time for the mud baths (travelling via a river boat), which were hilariously gross, but really good fun. I didn't particularly see the great skin benefits it's meant to have but I had a lot of fun doing it, it smelt, it was gross but it was good. It was so hard to pick up the mud, smear it on, pick more up ONLY TO WASH OFF WHAT YOU'D PUT ON, it was so frustrating but we laughed, so much my tummy hurt.
On the way back to the main boat we stopped off at the Kings Tombs, at this point I wasn't particularly listening, just trying not to be sick, it was cool though. If you're into history this is a great, informative part of the trip. I just found it all a little creepy personally. Beautiful but creepy.
Then we got to actually go on a sandy beach. Now, no one ever warned me, nor had I read anywhere that Turkish beaches (well Marmaris in this case) are not sandy, if you want a sandy holiday, Marmaris is not the one. The beaches are rocky and way too hot to walk on, like far too hot. I actually physically burnt my foot one day. However, the beach on Turtle beach was stunning, completely sandy and although still far too hot to walk on, it was lovely although it did require learning how to run on sand. Not that fun (my poor feet).
It was stunning, you could see nothing but sea, and it was honestly so nice. It felt like a haven, the sea was warm, the atmosphere was insane. It was so lush and by far my favourite day of the holiday, it was a long day though, 8am pick up, and we didn't get back until half 8 at night, but it was 100% worth it, even the sea sickness was worth it. I will never, ever forget the sight of the turtles that day.

Friday was our last full day (it was a sad day), so we went to a water park (Atlantis Waterpark) which was a short walk from our hotel, which was surprisingly really good. It's quite small and compact, but it was really fun. It'd been so long since I've acted like a 12 year old but it felt SO good, nothing spectacular but it was fun nonetheless. And it was cheap so we couldn't complain!

Then it was home time, and now here I am - sad that I am no longer experiencing Turkey, or heat or the sun actually. It was an incredible experience over all, I couldn't have chosen a better best friend to go with, so thank you so much Moog, and I'm not entirely sure how this holiday could've been any better. It was so lovely, relaxing, a few too many cocktails and perhaps a little too much pizza but it was fab. Utterly fab.

However, there are some things they don't tell you about Turkey:
1. Turkish men HOUND you to buy stuff, whether it be food, bags, tshirts, day trips, they don't stop, ever. You feel like a rude bitch ignoring them but you do become used to it, it's just a little uncomfortable at the start.
2. The Turkish water killed my eyes, my face, and my hair. Honest to god I tried everything to try and tame my hair from the humid air and harsh water but to no avail. It came to a point where I couldn't even brush my hair, it was just a frizzy, knotty, dry mess (stop laughing Megan).
3. Marmaris beaches are not sandy. They are made of rocks, lots and lots of rocks, some small - some big. Either way very painful on the feet, and way too hot to consider walking to the sea without shoes on. Don't do that. It hurts.
4. The Prayers. Although some people did mention it, they never told us how terrifying it was to wake up at half three in the morning and then again at 5am to the sound of it. During the day it's not as noticeable but in the dead of night, it was quite an experience.

Don't let them points put you off. Regardless of the points mentioned, I would recommend going! It's such a lovely, warming place, and the people are friendly (when they're not pestering too much), I'm just not sure it's a place I'd like to visit again in the next 5 years.

Now I've gone abroad I just want to explore what a lovely planet we live on. If you have any holiday (and hotels) recommendations for next year, please feel free to comment and share your experiences!


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  1. I have problems with my hair here as well. The humidity turns it into a fuzz ball. Leave in conditioner with aragonn oil and John Freida's frize ease normally sorts it out