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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Change one: I no longer have long hair! You read right, after spending the past two years frantically growing my hair I only went and cut it all off. If I'm honest I was just totally bored of myself and the way I looked. I needed change. I very rarely styled my hair - blow drying, straightening or curling, I never did it. I have a small head and long, lifeless, unstyled hair did absolutely nothing to flatter me. I'm still not entirely sure on it, it's a lot more effort but I'm getting used to it.

Change two: Lou Barker xo looks different. I feel it's the right direction to take my blog visually, a little more sleek, and a little more grown up. Less skulls and more simplistic. It's still a bit of a work in progress but fingers crossed everything is working as it should be and it's still accessible (if you do find any faults please do not hesitate to inform me please!). Everything is now in it's own little category, so it's easier and quicker to read what you came for (or find what you came for) and there is some more surprises coming up.

Change three: Things are taking a slightly different direction. Whilst I love makeup and beauty so much, it's not my entire life. And there are only so many times I can express how much I do or do not like something, so I'm exploring. I love writing and there was a point where I just didn't anymore, I lost inspiration to blog about the same old beauty/makeup items. I guess I just lost my mojo, not only with blogging but for life too. It came to a point where I'd had so much bad news I dreaded waking up the next day, in fear there'd be more bad news. But things are on the up, my health is improving and I'm slowly feeling better. There will be a lot more variety of posts coming - some (hopefully) funny posts, lifestyle, music, candles and such like. I won't ruin all the surprises for you but big things are around the corner.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for sticking by me and I really hope you enjoy the direction Lou Barker xo is going to go, change isn't always bad. And when I do changes, I do BIG changes.


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