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Monday, 25 August 2014

My first ever holiday abroad, it came and went faster than I could possibly imagine. I am a serial overpacker - when I went to Leeds Fest (back in 2011) I wanted to cry before we even got through the security gates - there was seriously no need whatsoever for completely different outfits, for all 5 days I was there, seriously. No need whatsoever. I thought I'd learnt my lesson from that, but nope. Clearly not. I'm gonna share what I took, and what I really shouldn't have took for a 6 day beach holiday...

In total, I took three pairs of sandals. I wore one pair to go in, and funnily enough they were the ONLY shoes I wore (Megan did wear the Primark version of Birkenstocks due to blisters in her own shoes), but the mint sandals (also from Primark, cheap and cheerful) went completely unworn. Why did I think I'd need three pairs of shoes? Really, there was no logical need for three pairs of shoes! And on top of that I took a full sized bath towel, I really should have just got a beach towel because this did not leave the hotel - it's one of the massive, really fluffy towels. I ended up taking out a hotel towel (oops!) purely because this was too much effort and too much valuable bag space.
Two sets of pyjamas, really? Get the theme of this yet? I only wore one pair of PJS the entire 6 days. Kind of gross, but realistically I wore them for about 7 hours at night, where the aircon kept me freezing. They didn't get 'dirty' or smelly or anything. Logically I should have just took two night shirts rather than two sets of pjs. Even Megan only got through one pair of PJS, I don't really know what we was thinking, where we thought we'd be sleeping, and that we thought we'd be sleeping for more than 8 hours a night.
In total, I took 5 vest tops, including the one I wore on the plane. I think we've all got the drift but I only wore three of these vest tops the entire 6 days we was there, one was worn on the 'travel' days (flying there, and flying home days), one was worn when we went to Turtle Beach, one when we went for food one evening - I wore it as a dress so I'm not sure it counts, and the other two were just hung up the whole time. I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking whilst packing but I clearly did not need 5 vest tops. It was way too hot to keep a kimono on, let alone tight fabric - another case of completely misinterpreting how hot it would be.
One thing I did right, I took a specific bag to take to the beach, this is just a cheap Primark reusable bag that I bought on sale for £1, it's cute and it has daisies all over which I adore. Adds a pop of colour too. As for shorts I took three pairs which was quite reasonable considering my previous choices, I did wear all three pairs, but the floral shorts (also from Primark) only got worn once, but that's better than not at all.. right? There wasn't much need for 3 pairs but I liked that I always had a backup incase of any accidents (for example I fall in the sea, didn't happen but there were a few 'nearly' moments). Note: Plain shorts go with everything, floral shorts do not.
Another thing that was completely not necessary and also went unworn, was a dress that I thought I'd want to wear at night (no, you don't want to wear ANY clothes, 24/7) and a dressy top, both of which are from New Look. At night I just stuck to my kimono over my bikini and some shorts, one night I wore a long vest/dress from H&M but that was it, that was as far as I dressed 'up'. It was just too warm to even consider putting a dress on. I did take a spotty two-piece which I wore one evening, once. There just wasn't one occasion where I felt cool enough to put a dress on, I think if you're travelling abroad REALLY research the weather and temperate before thinking about what to pack.
If you're like me and don't like being submerged in the sea, three bikini tops is a little over the top. One was completely unworn, and one was only worn once. I preferred the plain coral, and pretty much lived in it the entire time. After being in the pool, I'd rinse it through in the sink to get rid of most of the chlorine, and it'd be as good as new for the following day - well not new but you get the drift. I was spot on with taking three bikini bottoms, I think for next year I'm just going to stick with two plain tops and get 3 or 4 bottoms which match either of the tops.
Now for two books, the first being No One Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday by Tracy Bloom, hilarious chick lit at it's best. It's a girly comedy, both witty and relatable. I loved this book, I enjoyed it from start to finish, and read it within the first two days of my holiday. Second is The List by Joanna Bolouri, another girly comedy, a little vulgar and definitely eye opening - sometimes not in the right ways haha, it literally had me laughing out loud, gasping and there was bits that were emotional, but again I read this in 4 days. Both books are in Asda at 3 for £10!

So what have I learnt?
- Travel in appropriate clothing to land back in England. I travelled both there and back in a skater skirt (no tights), sandals, a vest top and mesh jumper. I was fine landing in Turkey, but landing back at home was horrendously cold. And wet.
- You cannot do enough research about the weather. I knew it was going to hot, but I didn't realise just how unbearable hot it would get. A lot of clothing left unworn, and I pretty much lived in just a bikini and a kimono. I didn't know how to cope.
- If you're unsure of whether you'll need something, you probably don't need it at all, specially when travelling somewhere hot.
- If you think you're packing too little, go over the basics: Pants (or knickers), bikini briefs, a bikini top (I would've managed with just the one), some form of cover up whether it be a kimono or a kaftan - I wish I took two kimonos, and some basic lightweight items (a couple of vests and a few pairs of shorts for the evenings), don't over estimate what you'll be doing and some comfy shoes.
- If you think you're packing too much, you probably are.

I hope this was somewhat helpful, or interesting. Please feel free to share your packing tips, I'm pretty sure I won't have learnt my lesson second time around!


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