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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Panda Slippers | £3 | Primark
Pug Printed Duvet Cover | £12 | Primark
I cannot get enough of these slipper sock type things from Primark, I'm currently eyeing up the Minnie Mouse ones but since I bought these, I can't really justify them. Even in the boiling weather my feet still 90% of the time require socks and slippers so these are ideal, not too warm but enough to keep my feet happy. And they have pandas on, who doesn't want slippers with pandas on?
I think the pug duvet cover speaks for itself. My best friend Beth actually picked this up for me, but how bloody cute? I just knew I needed it in my life. It's super soft, cosy, cheap and cute (and cheerful), so thank you very much Primark (and Beth).

Vest | £2 | Primark
Batwing Cardigan | £10 | Primark
Shorts/Skort | £5 | Primark
I fell in love with this cardigan, as with my feet, I still get pretty cold even on the hottest days in England, this is thin but still an extra layer, I think it'll be too thin for me to wear in the Autumn but super cute for the summer, and it goes with everything as it's black.
These shorts - Primark labelled these as a Skort and I'm so confused what to actually call them, but they're so comfy. I'm more of a shorts person in the summer, purely cos I like to sit with my legs crossed or like a man, so it's more sensible and protective for me to wear shorts but these are super ideal. They look a little bit like a skirt but give me the security of shorts.
'Boyfriend' Striped Tee | £3.50 | Primark
Dungarees | £17 £7 | Primark
The dungarees are all Beth's fault. She said they looked cute but I have no idea if I can actually pull these off. I feel like they make me look like a bit of a balloon (how is the size 8 so massive?!), but they also make me feel like a Zoo Keeper which can only ever be a good thing. I can imagine wearing these for lazy days walking the pooch somewhere nice or exploring some countryside (like I ever do that), I'm just still not 100% sure on them. Any suggestions on how to style them would be great though!
Unbelievably I own 0 striped T-shirts so I just picked this cheap one up in a size 12, for size reference, so it'd be nice, baggy and comfy specially for in the summer, but ideal for layering in the winter. I actually quite like it on and it would be cute with just some skinnies and converse!

Overall I felt pretty let down by what was in the Primarks I went into, I expected (and hoped) to be walking out with much more than I did. It was all just far too bright and neon, or 'sports luxe' - or both, for me.
Have you bought much in Primark lately?


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