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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray | £9 (30ml) or £20 (118ml)
I have really oily skin, REALLY oily, I struggle with keeping my makeup on for more than 4+ hours most of the time and I still haven't found a powder that actually helps to keep the shine away for longer than a couple of hours. However, after debating with the NYX and the Urban Decay Matte setting sprays, I went for the tiny travel sized version of the Urban Decay as I was going on holiday the week after I ordered this, so it was a much more handier size for me. Value for money makes more sense to go for the 118ml, but considering I've never used it and had no idea if it would break me out or even work for my skin I went for the safer option. I could kick myself now however...

The packaging is nice, basic and matte. The only little annoying thing is that it has two lids. A grey one, then another little clear lid - I just can't justify the two lid scenario. It's a lot smaller than I anticipated but it's cute if nothing else. It's super easy to chuck into a travel makeup bag, whether you're travelling away or just going out for the day, it's small enough to just pop in your handbag but not too small that you'd lose it.

After reading other peoples reviews and how to use the product, I went for a quick spray before my foundation, but after my moisturiser (please note that I didn't use a primer or a powder, and this was the very first time I used it), and then a quick spray after I'd done ALL of my makeup.
For reference I used Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation (you can see my review here), usually I get around 4-6 hours wear without too much wearing off - I still produce a LOT of oil and my makeup tends to break down noticeably around my nose with or without powder.
9:30AM: Foundation/Concealer only - no spray used.
After spraying my face it felt tacky and a little like glue, not thick or heavy but enough to feel like a barrier between my makeup and my oily skin. My foundation applied like normal, didn't look any different nor did it feel any different, I can't say this acted like a primer as it didn't really visibly do anything like smooth out my skin but there was definitely a barrier there. Everything seemed normal and okay.
10 AM: Makeup all done - spray used.
I applied the rest of my makeup like normal, I didn't powder, I must make that clear, normally I use a mattifying powder after my foundation and then after again when I've done the rest of my makeup but I didn't do that. I sprayed and it felt weird, still that weird tacky feeling but it soon set and I couldn't feel it on my face. You can however, see it on my face, I have a bit of a shiny film over my t-zone. I didn't particularly like how it made my face look - I am not a fan of the 'dewy' look, but I didn't particularly hate it either.
7PM: 9 hours later - spray used only in the morning.
I got home from work, normally I'd take my makeup off straight away but I decided to leave it on as long as I could so I could really compare. As you can see, my scarring and redness around my nose and chin is starting to peek through, but my eyeshadow is still very much there and so is my blusher. Not as much as it was at 10am but still pretty visible. But more importantly, I don't look THAT oily, at all oily in fact, I just still have the sheen that I had in the morning after using the spray. I was, I still am, pretty damn impressed.

I have since experimented with the spray and figured spraying it on before my foundation/makeup is an amazing trick, and setting with a mattifying powder first, and then spraying helps to significantly minimise the 'dewy' look the spray leaves. It doesn't leave me completely matte looking which I think is pretty misleading on the behalf of Urban Decay, but it does do everything else it says it does. I do find it keeps my makeup on for a lot longer, this even worked when I was on holiday and we was talking temperatures of 35 degrees celsius (95 degrees fahrenheit) and makeup was still left on my face. Amazing. It really does keep my oil away, it hasn't once broke me out either which I was quite sure it would after the first day test. I presumed it would force my pores to clog up and it would all just get a bit messy, but nope, nada, nothing.

If you have really oily skin, I could not recommend this enough. I'm wanting to try out the NYX Matte Setting Spray so before this all runs out, I will put in an order and do a direct comparison to see which is the best out of the two. You do get a lot more for your money from NYX so a part of me hopes it's as good or better than the UD, but I'm not sure how any brand could top this.

Have you tried any of the Urban Decay or NYX Setting Sprays? I'd love to know which you prefer!


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