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Monday, 21 July 2014

Rooibos & Vanilla Tea | £1.25 | Marks & Spencers

For the people who know me in person, know that I'm not allowed anywhere near caffeine on a day to day basis, it causes massive panic attacks and also interferes with my bladder and my tablets (I have Diabetes Insipidus for any of you wondering). So I stay well away from caffine and I have even converted my mother to be drinking decaf coffee and tea!

I was having a particularly bad day and was wondering around my local Marks & Spencers when I came across this, I liked the sound of the vanilla and almost hoped it stopped my cravings for sugar loaded teas. First impression of this wasn't great not going to lie, second was okay, but when I actually brewed it properly (I've learnt that it tastes better when you leave the tea bag in whilst you drink it) it's actually delicious. It's got such an earthy but sweet flavour to it. I don't have this with milk or sugar but you can add either. I have had this with almond milk and that also tastes delicious and probably a little nicer than it raw but it's such a pick me up for me. I love drinking a massive mug of this in the winter, it's just one of them flavours that instantly warm you up. It is a strong taste however, so not for those who don't like strong brews!

As it's caffeine free, you can drink this whenever you wish, even late at night. On the back it does suggest it to be a night time drink with a drop of milk to help aid a restful nights sleep, I can't say that to be true as I can't drink this after 8pm due to my bladder, but during the day with a drop of almond milk really helped to relax me. It's super SUPER healthy for you, Rooibos (aka Redbush) has many health benefits too such as: high in antioxidants (helping to maintain a healthy immune system), high mineral contents (helping the nervous system, blood, metabolism and your bones!) AND it improves circulation! It's literally a little cup of magic!

Any recommendations for caffeine (and liquorice) free teas are 100% welcome!


(a little disclaimer - this is such a weird post for me to be making and writing, and my first venture into something that isn't makeup or fashion related - so massive apologies if you don't enjoy this)

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