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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Make Up Academy Lip Lacquer in 'Halcyon' | £3 - Available in Superdrug stores

Another unplanned, unpredictable blog post, but I was browsing in Superdrug for sun lotion and a few travel mini's, waiting for my best friend to text me back I went and checked out the make up when I saw my local Superdrug - a small, a pretty badly stocked Superdrug, had the new shades of the Lip Lacquers by MUA much to my surprise. I frantically googled swatches of the new shades but didn't actually find much at all, so on a whim I picked Halcyon hoping it was the peachier, more summery colour. MUA Lip Lacquers are nothing new to me - see my previous reviews HERE and HERE, so I won't go too much into the formula as I have raved on and on about that enough in the past.
I was right! Halcyon is the more peachier shade out of the new colours! It's a beautiful not quite nude, not quite orange shade. It's actually really flattering even on my pale washed out complexion, I cannot wait to take this on holiday with me, I imagine with a slight tan it will look beautiful - but rest assured if I just burn and go back ghostly, it will still look lovely. To see the rest of the new shades that MUA have released they put THIS on their Facebook, of which I looked at to chose which shade I wanted to try. I, however, will more than likely be buying the rest, none of them are shades I wouldn't wear. I really like the looks of Tranquility and Serene, without a doubt I'll be buying them!

What makes me mad, is that MUA never once announced that these were even being released yet! They said they're coming soon but there has never been the news that they've actually been released, but I am glad nonetheless as all the new shades are still very much more wearable than the original shades. I should also add that the formula hasn't changed either, it's still really matte and still really long lasting. I am completely in love with these for the mere £3 price tag.

Have you spotted the new shades in store yet?
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  1. That is a beaut of a shade - love this xx

  2. Ooh I adore this colour, it looks beautiful on you! Xo

  3. beautiful lipstick<3
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