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Monday, 2 June 2014

Charles Worthington Strength & Repair Shampoo | £5.99 Charles Worthington Strength & Repair Conditioner | £5.99
Charles Worthington Strength & Repair, Longer & Stronger Hair Masque | £5.99

Charles Worthington is a brand I've never really tried or really heard much about (apart from the recent hype on the Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray), I've always been a Lee Stafford or John Frieda kinda girl. I ran out of my normal Lee Stafford Hair Growth range I decided to try something new. I love the Lee Stafford Treatment mask, but the shampoo and conditioner didn't really do much other than dry my hair out slightly more than I wanted. I came across the Charles Worthington range on offer - it seems it's 90% on offer at Boots. My hair is pretty thin, not so much damaged any more but the ends are definitely still bleached/blonde, medium length and wavy.

Firstly, this entire range smells like Parma Violets, the little purple sweets I used to love when I was younger. It's not overly sweet by any means, it just smells slightly reminiscent for me but it does smell like you'd imagine a shampoo and conditioner to smell in a swanky salon. The shampoo is lovely and thick, and it lathers up really well and leaves my hair feeling soft, but really clean at the same time, as with the conditioner, I can't fault it, it does everything I was in a conditioner. I must say I really have noticed a difference with my hair using these alone, I feel like my hair has less breakage, it's definitely less knotty and it's healthy and shiny again.

However the hair masque is really where this range shines, not just physically but it is amazing. It's thick and creamy, but a little goes a loooong way. In terms of 'longer' hair, no this is not a growth masque like the Lee Stafford one, this actually nourishes the hair and whilst your hair is always growing, this just helps with keeping it healthier and a lot stronger, helping your hair grow to it's maximum potential. It actually tells you to leave this one for just a minute, which is mental (it does still leave your hair feeling nice after such a short amount of time) but I like to sleep in this mask or leave it on for a good hour to see it really work it's magic.

None of the range weigh my hair down, which I was quite fearful it would with it being so nourishing, I can't say it's helped improve the 'thickness' but my hair does appear fuller and much healthier, but it never claimed to help with thickness. I am undoubtedly in love with this range from Charles Worthington, and I am so tempted to pick up their Volume & Bounce range to alternate my washes with, but something keeps telling me to get my hair trimmed before I buy anything else!

Have you tried any of the Charles Worthington products? Are you in love as I am?

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