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Friday, 23 May 2014

I love that Asian Beauty products are becoming easier to purchase in the UK, not necessarily pick up, but there are some solid eBay sellers out there who do sell many Asian brands (and you do actually receive them in one piece too). A few months back I made some cheeky purchases and although I have used these products for the time I've had them, I will be doing separate reviews on them so do look out for them in the upcoming months! For all those who are interested in what eBay sellers are good and stock a lot, I always use the F2plus1, if you buy 2 items, you get 4 samples, if you buy 3, you get 5 samples, buy 9 get 11 samples, and buy 10 and you'll get 12 samples. I did indeed get 5 samples but I've no idea where I've put them! They post things out quickly and also the items are received pretty quickly considering they're not from the UK.

Etude House My Lash Serum | $5.60 or £3.32
I have never tried an eyelash serum ever, so I just picked this one up as it was cheap and cheerful. I've had products from Etude House before and they've always impressed me so I'm giving it a whirl. It doesn't claim a lot - just that it helps nourish and encourage healthy eyelashes. You apply it once a day and that's at night or whenever you've cleansed your face. Pretty simple, bog-standard and can't really go wrong product.
It's Skin Power 10 Vitamin C Effector | $11.29 or £6.70
I've always wanted to try the Body Shop Vitamin C range, including their Skin Reviver (see here) but I've always tried to justify the money on it, I know I know that you shouldn't scrimp with skincare but Body Shop prices always just seem steep. Anyway, the brand It's Skin is a new brand to me completely unlike Etude House, but I was impressed with the packaging and the claims it had. It claims a long list of things so get ready... 'Brightening serum containing vitamin C and Green Tea components suppresses the formation of freckles that can make skin look dull and dark, and tightens pores to leave skin fair and luminous'. So it basically claims to have a better, healthier and a more radiant complexion. Having dull (and red, scarred) skin alongside large pores is my biggest skin concern which this basically said it would help. I can already tell you I would repurchase this within a heartbeat, this seller offers two of these serums for £12.21, they do lots of other serums for different skins and different issues so it'll be worth a look. I'm definitely interested in the Pore Cake, Skin Tone Recovery and the Whitening Effect formulas.
Mizon Special Therapy Good Night White Sleeping Mask | $8.49 or £5.04
Firstly I wish I bought the pot of this - HERE (there is £2 difference) not the tube, purely because of value for money and the fact the pot is slightly prettier. I feel like 'Whitening' products always scare the UK, they don't bleach, harm or even make your skin paler, I understand they say 'whitening' but they don't mean you'll wake up with a white-as-a-ghost face. It has a fair few claims, it's meant to help improve skin tone, it contains Hyaluronic Acid so it gives a moisturising shield, it also has a sleep induction system, it smells of lavender, personally I love lavender and the smell at night really soothes me, however I'd tell you to avoid if you don't, it also has a protection shield against stress (don't ask me how?!), ultraviolet light and harmful environments. There is more information explained a lot better than I could on the eBay page, but it claims a lot. All I can say is it smells amazing and I find it actually works pretty well but I will most certainly do a review on this and I will more than likely be repurchasing this at some point too.

That's everything I got, I will most certainly be purchasing more in the near future but for now I'm pretty content. Do you have any Asian or Korean beauty products you'd recommend?


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  1. I will have to keep an eye out for some Asian beauty products!

  2. you have a lovely blog, followed! Please follow back x

  3. I love spending ages scrolling through ebay looking at Asian skincare products, but I never know what to buy! You're right about the "whitening" claims though; they mean evening out skin tone and have just used a bad choice of an English word. Lovely post though m'dear, thanks for sharing :) P.S I followed! xo.