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Sunday, 20 April 2014

This dress, this wonderful, beautiful dress, is actually from New Look and it set me back a mere £7. Yep! That is all it cost. Unfortunately I bought it during the winter months (I can't quite remember when) in the sale, so I highly doubt it's still available - however I do know similar dresses are popping up everywhere now it's spring!

It does require one of the weird bra things (y'know the ones that allow the band to sit lower) which are quite weird to get used too, however it is so worth that. It's a beautiful spring dress for me and I can already tell it's gonna come on holiday to Turkey with me, I'm hoping I can find one in a more summer-y colour by then but without a doubt it'll be with me! I absolutely love it!

Sorry this has been such a short post but I just needed to share this absolute bargain of a dress with you guys!


Ps. Sorry for the absence, I will be back blogging as normal next week, Tuesdays and Fridays are hopefully, going to be my schedule!

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