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Saturday, 8 March 2014

It was recently my payday and that only means on thing, I go shopping! I didn't go mad so this isn't a huge haul but I did pick up some wonderful things! I went to Primark and New Look and I've chucked in two little bits that I've picked up on the way
Pug Socks | £2.50 
Vanilla Scented Diffuser | £1 
I'll start off with the Primark bits and bobs that I got!

Pleather Skirt | £10 £5
This has to be my favourite thing that I picked up, I tried on the size 6 which actually fitted me nicely apart from around my bum, I was terrified if I sat down all hell would break loose so I went for the safer option of the size 8 as I can't see my bum shrinking all that much in the near future. This was on sale for just £5! I couldn't believe it, it fits so nicely, it feels nice and I just love it.
Denim Skirt | £8 £3
Vest Top | £6 £2
I picked up this skirt in a size 8 but I do actually need a six as my waist is tiny, however I bought this because I have worn my other denim-look skater skirt to death, to the point where it's a little bit bobbly, and for only £3 I couldn't say no. I love that it's slightly acid wash too as my other one isn't, so I have variety, plus I think this will look lush in the summer and on my holiday!
I bought this vest thinking of my holiday however it actually fits really awkwardly, I don't know whether it's my lack of boobs or what, I picked this up 2 sizes bigger (a size 10) as when I tried on the six it was a bit weird, however this is just as weird?! I think it's the V neck that just fits me weird so I'm not sure how much wear I'll actually get out of it, but hopefully whilst I'm on holiday I can put it to good use!
Jacket | £25 £10
I've seen this jacket so many times and always liked it, but never enough to justify the money on it. However, I impulsively picked it up on sale for £10 and although it's coming into spring, I'm always cold so I'll still get some good use out of it. It's fully lined and it fits nicely, it almost looks like a leather coating but it's not, it's actual fabric. I think it'll make a great alternative for me always wearing my leather jacket.
Vest Top | £5 £2
Tweezers | £1
I also bought this vest top thinking in mind about summer (mostly for my holiday), it's low arm holes make it comfy and slouchy, and at the back it has a pretty much open back detail. It feels very 'sports-lux' but not, if that makes sense. It's a deep burgundy colour which is perfect for me, I thought it'd be easy to chuck in a beach bag and throw over a bikini when I'm on holiday, easy for me to layer up with in winter and easy for me to throw on with a skater skirt or shorts in the summer. It's probably not a top I'll be wearing a LOT but it's certainly a cheap and cheerful staple piece!
I am forever losing tweezers, I have no idea where they go but I can never find them so I picked these up because I thought they looked cute and the pointed tweezers looked good. These infact are probably the best tweezers I've ever bought, they look nice on my dressing table, they do a perfectly good job and they are only a quid! The narrow point tweezers are VERY sharp so do be careful with them though. Primark do other designs of these too so if polka dot tweezers aren't your thing, you might find others that are!
Zara Dupe Bag | £12
I have been lusting, and lusting, and lusting (and still am lusting) over the Zara City bag but I can never bring myself round to parting with my cash, so I picked up the next best thing. A Primark dupe. It was only £12 so don't expect anything great, it's pretty bog standard if I'm honest. It only has two zips, the ones on either side of the bag, it has a little zip inside but that's standard with every Primark bag, it's very rectangular and it's really stiff. I hope it loosens up slightly so it's not so stiff but I'm not sure if it will. However, it serves the purpose of knowing how much I'd use the Zara bag and if I'd quickly get bored of it. If you're looking for a good and cheap dupe check Primark out.
Clutch Bag | £5 £1
I actually bought this as an insert to the bag above, I think it's gonna be one of them multipurpose bags. I recently ordered some makeup brushes on eBay which I don't think will come in a holder of their own, so I thought I could pop them in one side of this, then my makeup in the other for when I'm staying away from home, and then take them all out and tada! I have an evening clutch bag. I understand it's massive and realistically it's not a makeup bag, but that is the purpose I intend it to be used for. It also matches the Zara Dupe bag amazingly too. I just couldn't believe this was only £1!
Vest Top | £12 £3
Knickers | £4 £2
Both from New Look
I've looked for this top online to link you guys to it but it's not there. I fell in love. That's the story of this top. It looks so nice with the pleather skirt I got from Primark, and it looks really nice tucked into the acid wash skirt I got so it's a little more casual and it's just perfect. I can't describe how in love with it I am. It's sheer with a velvet Baroque pattern on it (I think that's the right pattern term for it anyway), it fits beautifully and it just flows, I just can't. It's so pretty and perfect and sweet jesus, for only £3?!?! I would have paid £12!
Sorry if you find me posting about underwear weird, I don't think it's weird. We've all seen a pair of knickers before and we all know what it's like to wear knickers. Now I remember New Look underwear being extremely uncomfortable in my teenage years, however I was brave enough to pick up some of their undies in the sale. I just thought to myself 'they're super cute if nothing else' but oh my actual god. These have to be the comfiest pants I've possibly ever bought. So comfy I walked to my towns New Look the next day and picked up some more. They're really flattering on my large-r bum too which is something to bear in mind, and they are just super comfy. Who knew cute underwear could be comfy?!
H&M Hand Wipes | 99p 50p
Naturally Thinking Organic Rosehip Oil | £7.99
Hand wipes are hand wipes, there's not much to say. I always carry a pack with me because I like to swatch things on my hands a lot, and for when I've been retouching my makeup - or even applying it if I'm not at home, it can get a bit messy and inconvenient. I picked these up because they smell delicious, and the packaging is cute. I love H&M for their wet wipes as I find they do smell nice and don't leave my hands all dry.
I'm doing a whole separate blog post on Rosehip oil so I won't babble too much. I was looking at getting one to try and help the redness and acne scarring I have on my face but who knew Rosehip oil was so expensive? I picked this up from a website called Naturally Thinking who are extremely helpful with the information they give about their oils, I ordered this with a pump too so it's easier to apply to the skin. Like I said I'm going to do a full blog post on this so look out for that!

And that my friends, is the end of a 'small' (it was massive, well done if you got to the end!) haul. I am now continuously online browsing at bikinis, like all of the time, I'd say don't expect another haul but...

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  1. I love the leather skirt so much!! Hopefully I can still find one in Primark x