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Monday, 31 March 2014

Essie 'Tart Deco' | £7.99 Barry M 'Papaya' | £3.99
In the spring and summer months, I literally do not stop wearing Essies Tart Deco, to the point where I'm actually fearful of using it all up. But recently I was stalking the shelves of Superdrug when I saw the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Papaya and the next thing I knew I was walking home a very happy lady. They do look very similar in the bottles, but just how similar are they?

On the top left is Barry M's 'Papaya' and on the bottom right is Essies 'Tart Deco' and as you can see, there actually is a fair bit of difference. Papaya is actually a considerable amount brighter, the same tone but just a little more orange and bright, Tart Deco is quite muted in comparison and a little less bright. I'm a little disappointed that they aren't identical but I do feel like they're still incredibly similar.

Although Essie nail polishes are £7.99, I really feel like their formula lacks, it chips extremely easily on me and I find after 3-4 days I want to repaint my nails because they're that chipped. Barry M Gelly polishes are actually one of my favourite formulas, they're extremely glossy and long wearing and hardly take 2 coats, there is literally just no comparison if you take in the formula.

If you're thinking about purchasing Tart Deco and don't really wanna splash nearly £8 on a nail polish, or even if you are willing to pay that much (or if like me, you're too scared of it running out), I'd definitely recommend and advise you to go for the Barry M one instead, it's the perfect summer colour and I actually like it's almost neon pop to it, and the formula is worth every single penny.


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  1. I would really like to try these nail polishes, I'm a little obsessed with coral at the moment so these would be perfect for me!

  2. I'm still searching for the best formula ever, I can't stand when expensive polishes chip straight the way. I've heard good things about the gelly range though and I'm liking their colours right now. I might even try this out!