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Monday, 10 February 2014

Jumper | Internacionale | £19.99
Dress | Primark | £5.00
Boots | Primark | £13

Silly me, I am useless at outfit of the days since I always forget to photograph my feet, what coat/jacket I wore and what bag I used. Sorry! However, just a quick outfit post that I was meant to publish during January but just forgot and didn't get round to editing. It was early January when I took these photos so the lighting is bad,  and it was like 5pm! Madness. I was just being a social bunny and meeting my best friends for a cheeky drink, so I didn't feel the need to dress up or anything like that!

The £5 Primark dresses are actually surprisingly good for their cheap price tag. Obviously they're not made with great material or anything like that but I find them great for layering, and because they're made out of thin fabric (to put it nicely) I think they'll be pretty nice for summer too!

I thought I'd add the song what the lyrics are from in the title, if you've not heard of American Football then seriously, listen to them. I've been constantly listening to them for the past two months or so. Please note: Never Meant isn't my favourite song from the album but that's a whole other story! Click play, if you enjoy it - well done, if you don't - oh well!


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  1. You look lovely! Super cosy looking jumper <3

    Jennie xo |