Winter Favourites // Glitter Polishes! ♥

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Winter for me is the perfect time to be adding glitter onto my nails. I love glitter on my nails all year round but Winter and the colder months just seems a bit more appropriate to be telling you about my favourites. All of them are affordable and some are available in Boots and Superdrug :)

Maybelline Express Finish in 'Flash Cosmic' | £2.99 (I can only find this on ebay?!)
This is a lovely glitter, I feel like it actually changes colour depending on what base I use, as I'm typing I have this on with a black nail varnish and it's much more of a vibrant blue glitter, but with paler bases it's more subtle and you can only just see. It's bizarre but it's actually stunning.
NYC Rock Muse in 'Black' | £1.99 (Superdrug only ladies!)
This is also a strange topcoat, it's glitter in a very sheer grey/black varnish. It's very thin however, so it is quite buildable on the nails. It does look funny with paler bases and it does look better when applied on all nails. But when you've got the hang of it it's also a beautiful glitter!
Avon Colourtrend in 'Rose Golden' | £1.99 (This isn't on the Avon website?!)
This is my most used glitter since I purchased it a few months back. I LOVE rose gold, and this is the perfect shade to go with pale pink or nude nails. It's actually stunning and apparently, a dupe for essie's 'A Cut Above', Ah I just love it so much.
Collection Bedazzled | £2.99 (Boots & Superdug)
This is the perfect silver glitter. Similar to Rock Muse but without the grey sheerness. It's perfect and if you're like me, who doesn't like gold, this is perfect. It's easy to build up, fast drying and really easy to get an even look. Bargaiiiin.
Technic in 'Money Bags' | £4.95 (?!?! Ebay)
I actually got both of these Technic nail polishes in a local shop called Boyes, I hauled them back in September (see original post HERE) for just 99p, when I wrote that first post I found them both on eBay for £2.95 each, I believe Fragrance Direct is a main online seller for Technic so if you're after them it might be worth checking their site regularly. Anyway, money bags is a blue, a rusty gold/orange and silver glitter. It's easy to get an even layer and it looks so pretty on almost every base colour (and also an opi dupe I believe).
Technic in 'Carnival' | £2.49 (Ebay)
Carnival is a blue-y/reddy/greeny/silver glitter. It's like nothing I own, and like money bags, it pretty much goes with most base colours. Easy to get an even layer, dries relatively fast and it looks amazingly gorgeous on. Both of the Technic polishes are ever-so-pretty colours. I love the formula too!

Sorry if this post was a bit boring to some of you, but hopefully, I have given you some inspiration to whack some glitter on your nails!

Do you have any favourite glitter polishes? I am aaaalways looking to add to my collection!

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  1. These are very pretty! I have been seeing lots of instagram photos with polish and glitter on the tips it looks amazing x

  2. I am absolutely in love with the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in Guilty Party! In the bottle it looks like an opaque polish but it's sheer when you apply a coat of it! I really like wearing it on its own xo