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Monday, 13 January 2014

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you will already that know I'm a huge MUA fan - and if you haven't, you do now! I picked their Intense Kisses Gloss up a couple of months back now after hearing/reading reviews that they are similar to the Rimmel Apocalips - just a little less glossy, which to me sounds like a brilliant hybrid. I don't like gloss - I much prefer matte finishes but I'm diving out of my comfort zone with these!

I picked up the shades 'Stolen Kisses' (this is currently half price at just £1!) and 'My Lips Are Sealed' (this is the normal price of £2)
First up is 'Stolen Kisses', it looks a lot brighter and bold in the tube than it does on. It's actually quite a natural lip colour - for me anyway, with some subtle shimmer. Nothing too over the top and nothing too in your face. It's not TOO glossy either, which means it's not sticky! It's actually a really pretty shade and just for your information - it looks beautiful over a matte red lip.
Secondly, 'My Lips Are Sealed' which is a stunning lighter - but still natural, pink. It doesn't have a lot of shimmer either which I prefer and it's still really natural looking. You can see the pigmentation better here as my lips are darker, but you can see that there is a fair bit of pigmentation in them. Probably not quite as pigmented as the apocalips but they're not as glossy either which means they're a perfect hybrid for me.

To say I'm not a gloss lover and I would much rather stick to a matte lipstick, I actually really like them. Possibly not love them just yet but I find these are perfect for work and for 'no make up make up' days. Absolutely stunning and they're such a bargain too. MUA stop impressing me!

Have any of you guys tried these out yet? xo
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  1. I've nominated you for 'The Liebster Award'!


  2. loved it