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Monday, 30 December 2013

Winter for me, means brining out aaaall of the dark colours for my lips. I love winter for the make up/clothing side. There is nothing better than a pair of woolly tights and a bold, bright red lip. Absolute perfection! Today I'm sharing with you my 7 favourite Fall/Autumn/Winter lipstick shades. They all will be swatched too, so you can see exactly what they look like on!

MUA Luxe Lacquer 'Reckless', Mac 'Verve', Rimmel Kate Moss Matte '101', Rimmel Kate Moss '04', Topshop 'Brighton Rock', MUA Matte 'Wild Berry', MUA Power Pout 'Crazy In Love'
This is the MUA Luxe Lacquer in 'reckless' - there's a full review of this coming soon so I won't ramble on too much about it, but it's a bold pillar box red shade, it is a matte lipstick which I do find quite drying on me, but the colour lasts for HOURS, so it's perfect for Christmas parties/nights out! 
Next is Mac's Verve lipstick, I already have done a review on this so for more information and swatches click HERE! Briefly this is a satin finish, which means it's relatively moisturising, and it's a deep browny/reddy/plum colour. It looks stunning on and is ideal to wear with bold or heavy eyes!
Thirdly we've got Kate Moss for Rimmel in the shade 101, this is also a matte finish but it's more of a satin matte, it's not drying at all! It's a baby/neutral pink with a gentle blue undertone. It's perfect for daytime wear and for nights out with bold or heavy eyes like the Mac Verve, it's stunning. I absolutely adore the Kate Moss lipsticks!
This is also a Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick (shade 04) but it's not in the matte line - you can probably tell by the picture. This is a Gothic purple, there is no other way to describe the colour. It's a very bold and out there shade, I normally wear this lipstick with a quick swipe of winged eye liner and that's it. This is definitely a colour that needs to be worn simply!
This hasn't come up as nice and bright as it does in person, but this is Topshop's Lipstick in 'Brighton Rock', I've included this for all the ladies who aren't a fan of bright red lips in the winter, I do get more wear out of this in the summer months but this is still a perfect lipstick. It's still bright and bold, but it's just not red. It's a gorgeous shade and if you're brave you can even wear it with a heavier smoky eye!
The second MUA product to make it into my top! This is Wild Berry from their matte range, I have already done a review on three of the shades so for more information about this lipstick click HERE. Briefly this is a buildable berry/wine colour, it is by no means bold at all and it does take quite a bit of building up but it's got a gorgeous formula and it looks beautiful on!
Lastly, and the last MUA product is one of their Powerpouts, again, I have already done a full review on this so if you want to read more about them click HERE. I included this purely just because of how moisturising they are on the lips. They are a balm-y formula and they leave an almost stain on the lips. The colour is absolutely beautiful and it is buildable for a more berry look!

I hope you've enjoyed this post!
What are your winter lipstick faves?! xo

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  1. great post! I really want to try the Kate Moss lipsticks now xx