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Monday, 11 November 2013

I recently got my hands (excitedly!) on the new Make Up Academy Matte Lipsticks - yes, they're still only £1! My superdrug is small and quite frankly - rubbish, but I managed to pick up the three shades I was most excited to try, 'Scarlet Siren','Wild Berry' and 'Peachy Keen'
L-R: Scarlet SirenWild Berry and Peachy Keen

'Scarlet Siren' swatched on the lips.
As you can see, Scarlet Siren is your classic red colour, the formula is nice and not too drying, although it does look and feel nicer on top of balm, it doesn't flake and gather in the cracks of your lips. I will say that it applies quite sheer, but it is easily buildable for a more opaque colour. I'd definitely reccommend this colour if you're wanting to try out a red lip for the first time!
Wild Berry swatched on the lips.
Wild Berry isn't TOO much different to Scarlet Siren in the formula, it is more sheer though, it does take more layers to get it opaque, but I also find it a lot more moisturising and hydrating than both Scarlet Siren and Peachy Keen. Colour wise it is a subtle berry colour, nothing in your face or too bold. I think Wild Berry is actually my favourite out of all three I have, and that's saying something since I'm obsessed with red lips!
Peachy Keen is actually my least favourite, the formula is COMPLETELY different, it's really drying and it clings into the cracks and the dryness of my lips. I have tried this both with and without a lip balm and it still doesn't quite work. I love the colour and it's just a shame it has a different formula to the others, it's just TOO drying for my already pretty dry lips. Definitely no good for the winter! :(

I would recommend the lipsticks to anyone though, even the normal non-matte range, they're an absolute bargain at just £1, but I'm just disappointed Peachy Keen doesn't have the same, lovely formula that the first two have :(

Have any of you guys tried the Matte Lipsticks yet?! xo
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1 comment:

  1. ok!!! I bought exactly the same...
    wild berry is my favourite too!!! it's true that it is quite moisturising...
    I'm giving away the scarlet siren without testing it at all since it's not a colour I will extensively use!!!
    kisses from greece :)