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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

I came to realise that I buy skincare stuff a LOT - too much for a normal, sane person, but I never actually review products. I've only done my Skincare Routine post that involved mini reviews on products. But about a month ago, I purchased this L'oreal Cleansing Oil Cleanser whilst it was on offer for £4.99, I bought it because I thought it'd be nicer to my skin the colder months with it being an oil, and what really excited me is that it claims to remove waterproof make-up which is something I have a daily struggle with. I genuinely just fell in love with it so much that I need to blog about this.
LOreal Paris Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil // £7.99
It claims to take your makeup off in 15 seconds - Yes and no, it just depends on how much you are actually wearing, I find if I'm wearing my Colorstay foundation it takes a little longer to give me a 'deep clean' feeling, but when I'm just wearing a lighter foundation it works it's magic really quickly.
It's second claim is that it dissolves waterproof makeup - true, although, I don't personally like to rub my eyes, I much prefer an eye make up remover on a cotton pad, but if you're up for rubbing your eyes it will definately remove waterrpoof mascara!
Third claim is that it rebalances for healthy looking skin - yes, yes, yes. My skin hasn't looked nor has it even felt better for a long time. It's really helped to settle my skin and I feel like it's helped calm my breakouts out when I do suffer.
Last claim they make is that it's non-greasy - Definately isn't! I use two pumps on my hands, massage it in, rinse with my hands then go over with a flannel to just double cleanse it off so I know that it's all off my skin.

This cleansing oil literally takes of 98% of all my makeup, it's just amazing. I do like to go over with my Micellar water to just cleanse - or my botanics cleansing toner (sometimes both!) but no makeup is actually left on my skin. If cleansing is a chore for you and you just want it over and done with as soon as possible, I highly recommend this cleanser, it's lovely on so many levels and I have really really seen an improvement in my skin and how it's behaving! I just couldn't recommend it enough!

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