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Saturday, 16 November 2013

I popped myself over to Primark - Pennies if you're Irish, last week and I did only a little bit of shopping, I didn't actually buy a lot but I thought I'd share with you what I bought. Everyone loves a bit of Primark!

(please ignore my face in the first photo!)
Primark Super High Waisted Jeans' | £10
Primark Faux Leather Detailed Blouse | £3 (on sale)
I am not a jeans fan, at all, in any way. I'm one of those girls who just much prefer to whack on several pairs of tights in the winter than wear jeans. But I fell in love with these, they're pretty thick denim, they're high waisted which I prefer, and they fit me nicely. Not to mention they make my bum look quite fabulous. They are a dupe for the Topshop Joni jean, which I've been lusting for but never invested, purely cos I don't like jeans and they feel VERY thin, so I actually think that these are a better alternative and not just because of the price!
I still cannot get over the price of this blouse, it was originally £8 - which I was willing to pay. It's got a double layer of chiffon so you don't have to wear a vest top underneath, but ideal for layering in the winter. For me I just think it looks more expensive than £8 let alone £3, it's just effortless and goes with absolutely anything. Thank you Primark, I am super duper impressed.
Primark Jumper | £5 (on sale)
New Look Dress | £5 (on sale)
Primark Pug Slippers | £1 (!!! on sale)
Primark Dog PJ Bottoms | £3
I love this jumper, firstly it's black, secondly it's quite thin, thirdly the embossed detail is so pretty and it just adds a bit of detail and chic-ness to any outfit. It's perfect for layering and it was only £5. I just think it will go with absolutely anything and everything, it can be tucked into skirts or jeans or shorts and it will still look nice. Well done to you Primark, well done.
I thought I may as well include this dress, it's not from Primark but it was indeed from New Look. It was from the teen section and in the age 12-13, and it fits more like a 6-8, if you're like me - big bum and a tiny waist, finding dresses, well finding anything to fit me properly is often a struggle, but I definitely recommend you try out the teen sections in shops, it saves me money and I get a better fitting item of clothing too. Bonus. Anyway, it's got that strange waffle/aztec pattern and feel but it is really flattering on. I love it and I can't wait to just layer it up in the winter with my Docs!
 I didn't know these pug slippers was even on sale till the scanned at just £1 (I did, like a mad woman, run back and go grab the last pair of these too!). I just couldn't resist, they was meant to be £3, they're warm, really fluffy, absolutely damn right adorable and cute. I just couldn't say no.
I LOVE Primark PJ's, when I saw these ON SALE, I didn't think twice. They're thin but cosy, they're comfy but cute, you just cannot go wrong with Primark PJ's, you just cannot go wrong. I love them. Again, they're warm, absolutely damn right adorable, and just comfy.
'Select' Disco Pant Dupes | £10 (they was 2 for £10 too!)
Again, these aren't from primark, but, they are a massive bargain. Now I don't know where the shop Select still even exists, but that is where I purchased these from. Their offer confused me very much, they're £10 each, but two for £10? They did have two other colours included - a bright BRIGHT red, and a grey that was more white than grey, so I just picked up two of the navy colour, but I am still greatly confused haha. They're a lot thinner than my River Island Tube Pants, but they're much comfier. They feel more like leggings and they're the kind that will go baggy around the knee's until you wash them again, but they fit lovely. And they feel nice, and they're actually quite well made for the £10 (or £5 whichever way you look at it) I paid. If you're after a relatively good Navy Disco Pant dupe, I'd highly recommend these if you're on a lower budget or just wanting to try them out (but if you can spend more I do prefer River I's Tube Pants!)

I am having another cheeky trip shopping next week so be wary, there will possibly be another haul. Oops!
 Have you been buying much lately?!
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  1. Those disco pants paired with the leather collar top look FAB. Jealous of your bargains, I always feel like the Queen of shopping when I find out something is reduced in Primark. Thanks for sharing!

  2. love the little puggy slippers! and the disco look amazingggggg on you, you skinnie minnie :)

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