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Thursday, 3 October 2013

I know, I know, I said I'd try post more regularly a few weeks ago, but things in my life have took a massive turn. I have some personal problems going on which I'm not going to discuss, I've got a few gigs booked in the next month or so - which means working extra on top of my already hectic work schedule. Work at the minute is hectic, after 3 members of staff leaving, and Christmas on it's way, it's all a bit... well, hectic. Although all the extra work, does mean extra money and extra shopping, it also means less time to do these things, including blogging. But I'll get there, I promise.

Day of funeral planning & fish and chips | Look out for a FOTN post! | Going to freeze and get my tattoo finally finished |
Ouchiiieeeeeee | I want to physically scratch my leg off | Genuinely so happy with this purchase |
I don't think words are necessary | After an impatient few days, my Brand New phone case has come | Shopping with the bestieeeeee |
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Now onto the gig that I recently photographed (I'm just sharing what's on Flickr due to Facebook killing the quality) For my flickr page, just click either of the photos, and for my Facebook photography page please click HERE.
They Say Fall (Album Launch)
They Say Fall | one of my favourite local bands to both listen to and photograph, with some of the best friends ever being in this band, it's only fair that I post them and show them my love. They've recently just released a video (and an EP, go buy that too) so I highly recommend you click the 'play' button below whilst you finish reading my already stupidly long update post! :)

PaperPlane | Unfortunately these guys decided to bring things to an end, which is a massive shame because they created something really phenomenal and all of the guys will go onto bigger and better things, but I still recommend you go check them out.

In some good news, I have some really exciting posts to share with you guys over the next few weeks and hopefully, I can get back into some kinda routine with blogging. I'm sorry for my absence recently, but I will try really hard purely because I do have some amazing things to share with you. October is a fresh, brand new month and I sincerely hope for better things.

I hope you've all had a better September than me, and I promise better things in the next month!
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