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Thursday, 17 October 2013

I made a cheeky little Fragrance Direct haul a few weeks ago, I only ordered three items but I thought I'd share them regardless as I love all of the three things I bought, two are lip products (someone STOP ME) and one bronzer/contour powder.
 Manhattan X-Treme Last & Shine Shade '56U' // £0.99 | Manhattan Soft Mat Lip Cream Shade '45H' // £0.99 | W7 Honolulu Bronzer // £2.25
 The Manhattan X-Treme Last & Shine lipstick is a plummy colour, VERY shimmery and quite sheer. It is buildable but for me one coat is enough. It lasts relatively well on the lips and it doesn't smudge or transfer too much. For 99p it really was quite a bargain!
 Please excuse the dirty brush - I'd just tried it out! But I'll make my first point - the brush isn't great. It applies the product fine but it doesn't blend too well so keep that in mind. The product itself is amazing though. It's not orange or too dark and I personally feel it's a great colour for all my fellow white/ghostly/pale skin beauties. It takes a little while to blend, but once blended it looks beautiful!
The Manhattan Mat Lip Cream has to be my FAVOURITE purchase. If you didn't know how much I LOVE the Collection Cream Puffs (Read HERE) then you'll probably not understand why I love this so much. I'm constantly lusting after the NYX Matte Lip Creams, but I can never really justify spending money on them, so this is perfect. It's got a similar formula to the Collection ones, main difference only being the taste - this has a very sweet cherry/fruity taste, that's pretty much it. I just love it and I defintely want to buy more of these.

I want to try get hold of more Manhattan Cosmetic products, if you know who else stocks them - or have tried any yourself, please recommend me. I am super impressed with the two lip products I have tried, and it excites me to try more by them!

*I can confirm Poundland do stock Manhattan products, and I have bought another lipstick and lip cream, and I will be doing a full review on both :)
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