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Sunday, 13 October 2013

I was recently sent Benefits Primping With The Stars beauty box, Benefit as a brand, have never appealed to me for me to try (other than They're Real and Posietint which I already own). I just don't get the fascination with their products, the only other Benefit product I wanted to try was the Porefessional. But anyway, my mind has slightly changed. 
If you haven't seen one of these boxes before, it comes with little tips and tricks to help you use the products. Handy if you're not sure what each product really is for, and handy if you only know how to use them for their stated uses, eg. Benetint can not only be a blusher, but a slight lipstain too. It comes with Stay Don't Stray concealer/eye primer, Porefessional Primer, Some Kinda Gorgeous (this is in medium, which obviously, being a ghost, is too dark for me) foundation, Benetint Cheek & Lip stain, Girl Meets Pearl Highligher and finally They're Real! Mascara.

These boxes are really useful if you're just delving into Benefit make up and you want to test a few items out without being left with a full sized product that you might actually hate. For me, the only real stars of this box is the eye primer and the Porefessional. I already use Posietint (a lighter/paler pink), so it's nice for me to have a different shade effectively, and I already use and love They're Real, so I feel it's a bit unfair for me to say they're my favourites, but they are an added bonus to the box.

But has it changed my mind on Benefit Cosmetics? Kind of. I still feel there are other brands creating very similar products to them on the high street and in drugstores, but if you are wanting to try out some Benefit products, they do other boxes so it's always worth having a look HERE and having a splurge if you are interested. I am impressed with the box I have but I'm just not sure that I'd rush out and repurchase any of these items in full.. I'm just generally a little bit disappointed in Benefit as a whole..
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