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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

As an oily skinned person, I have always stuck to the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, it always left me feeling let down, leaving me shine free for around 4 hours if that on bad days. When I saw that 17 had a pressed 'matte' powder for the same price, I just bought it, I had nothing to lose in comparison to the Rimmel (although I do love the Rimmel powder - just not for the lasting mattifying aspects). 
17 Miracle Matte Pressed Powder 'Porcelain' //  £3.99
It comes in a lovely (mine is dirty, apologies) black packaging with a lid that actually stays closed (+1 to 17!) and an actual mirror - handy for travelling. When I first used this, I did in fact hate it, it looked cakey on the face, and I was left wondering how this even worked. Around half an hour later after applying, all the powder/cakeness had actually gone and left me with such a flawless finish. First impressions, although stick, aren't necessarily true so bear that in mind if you want/are trying this powder.

One of my bug bears is that it's so finely milled, that when you do apply it... it just kinda goes everywhere. You need a little amount to do your whole face though which kinda makes up for that. If you tap your brush is gently it should solve 80% of the powder going everywhere problem. As for how long it leaves me matte, it does work for a good 6-8 hours with no shine at all. At work I feel like I don't need to reapply it, if I was in a more exhausting situation, eg. Shopping or photographing a gig, I do need to reapply but that's nothing new to my skin.

I literally have no words to say how impressed I actually am with this powder - like it had literally turned into my holygrail powder in the space of 3 weeks, and although they have limited shades (sorry to the darker people) the colour pay off isn't noticeable at all once it's settled into the skin. I picked up Porcelain (the lightest shade) for my pale skin and honestly, it doesn't add much colour at all!

I'd highly recommend this is if you're after a new matte powder! 17 have brought out some amazing new products this year so if you have any recommendations on what to try by them please let me know :)

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