One Direction at MUA - Cheek Tints // Review ♥

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

So everyone will probably already be aware that One Direction have done a small range for Make Up Academy (MUA) and although I am not a 1D fan (in any way) - I am a fan of MUA. After debating over their range, I went ahead and bought one of their Cheek Tints!
I picked up 'Coral Cutie' as it was just my favourite colour out of the range, and the most summery shade for my pale skin. It's a beautiful peachy/coral as you'd expect. It's such a pretty shade. They come in a little tube which you twist up, it is effectively just a cream blusher which is in more appropiate packaging for travelling and make up on the go or retouching after a long day. The formula is actually really soft and it's really easy to apply with either a brush or your fingers. I do prefer to apply this with my fingers as I find it blends a little bit nicer. With a brush I find I have to reapply a few times to actually keep the colour on the cheeks as it's such a soft formua. It sets pretty quickly though and then it won't budge from your cheeks at all!
This is it swatched, one. I just literally did one quick swipe and this is how pigmented they actually are. Incredible right?! I just can't believe how well pigmented these are! They retail for just £3. 3 mere pounds! I am definitely going to be picking some more of these up at that bargain price. I feel like the product itself will actually last quite a while in my collection too as I don't need a lot on my cheeks (probably because I'm as white as a ghost!). I really want to pick up a lipstick to try but I just don't know if I can cope with the... very... er... '1D all over' packaging. It's a little bit too much and I know it's only packaging but... it just doesn't float my boat. Hopefully I will get a grip and just go for it anyway!

Have you tried out any of the 1D range from MUA yet?

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  1. This colour is so pretty and seems to be incredibly pigmented indeed :) and for the price it's such a bargain

    from isabela at | bloglovin

  2. I haven't tried any of this range yet, though I'm intrigued to see what they're like!