Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation // Review ♥

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Back in May (I know this was ages ago!) I purchased the Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation (£10.99), I've eventually got round to giving it a good test and today, I am finally reviewing it for you. Before I start, I have the shade 51 'Light Vanilla' and if you aren't familiar with the Bourjois face products, they run rather... yellow toned. My skin tone is in between cool and warm toned, so as you can imagine this really isn't the perfect match for my skin.
What it claims:
1. 3 Correcting pigments, yellow pigments for anti-dark circles, mauve pigments for anti-dull complexion and green pigments for anti-redness. These three pigments are meant to a flawless complexion with zero imperfections.
2. Flawless complexion, even to perfections for up to 16 hours.
3. 24 hour hydration and anti-shine (cotton flower extract is apparently the ingredient which aids this)
4. SPF 10.
5. Medium coverage with the ability to let skin still breath. Has a 'second skin' feel and a 'melting texture'.

In reality:
1. I can safely say that the green pigments definitely do feature in this foundation, for the yellow pigments, I don't really know. I don't generally have dark circles so I can't really judge. As for the mauve pigments, I'm calling bullshit. It is a matte finish foundation... it doesn't really lighten up my face - thought this may be because it's a little to dark for me, I don't really know, but I really can't tell that there are mauve pigments in the formula.
2. Again, I am calling bullshit.
You can't really see all that well but this foundation oxidizes pretty much straight away on my skin. Leaving orange patches on my face. When used with a primer I do find it helps it not to oxidize straight away but it STILL does oxidize throughout the day. I don't know if I'm applying it wrong (I have tried both with a brush and my fingers) and I still just can't get the coverage with it right. 16 hours wear? I'm lucky if I want to wear it for 2 hours! It does stay put on the skin - it just changes colour and oxidizes so badly on me. On less paler girls this won't be as obvious.
3. Now anti-shine I can definitely agree with. It's a matte finish but not in the sense it will cling to dry skin, you have to apply and work with this foundation VERY quickly before it sets. I've still got this foundation on at 4pm after putting it on at 9am, yes it's oxidized quite a lot but I'm not oily. I haven't powdered since 9am and I still don't need too. 
4. Yes it has SPF10 in it... good news. It's an SPF. Not really much else to say really.
5. I'd say it does have a medium coverage, it's slightly buildable and I prefer to put a little bit more on the areas where I have redness/scarring. It isn't great on blemishes and spots so I would suggest using a concealer on them rather than building the foundation up around them. It has such a nice feel on the skin, it basically feels like a mattifying moisuriser to me. It's not that horrible tacky feeling which most foundations have. It just doesn't feel like it's on the face at all. It is very smoothing and it just feels nice.

Overall I can't actually tell you if I love it or hate. All of me wants to love it because it feels so perfect and it really does control my oil BUT it just oxidises on me. It's not the right shade, had it have been a little less yellow toned this really would have been perfect shade for me. For you not so pale ladies, with really oily skin I do highly recommend it. It's so sad because all I want to do is just LOVE it. 

Have you tried this foundation? I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this foundation! 


  1. Such a shame this wasn't perfect for you! Bourjois tend to have a good match for me most times and I got oily skin so maybe I'll have better luck with this.. hopefully

    from isabela at | bloglovin

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster award! :)