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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Hey lovelies, this is just a quick update of changes around/on my blog, and my life, a few things you may have noticed going on and just a bit of an explaination, I just feel like I should update you.

a. I have officially become, that's right. I have finally bought my own domain name for my blog. Some people may not have even noticed this change, but some have. It's always been on my agenda of things to do but I just put it off and off, until one day, I was having an awful day so I cheered myself up by doing it. If any of you guys would like any help on doing this yourselves, feel free to leave a comment and I will help you as much as I possibly can! It's a huge step in my life and I feel proud that I have finally done it!

b. My blog has a Facebook page, if you haven't, please go have a look and maybe even like it? The reason I made it was purely just to add my blog as a place of work on my personal Facebook, and Facebook wouldn't allow me to do that without a page. I felt a little bit silly making a Facebook page whilst I'm just starting really getting to grips with my blog and that. But if you are a follower, please go like my Facebook page! :-)

c. You may, or may not have noticed my posts have been very hit and miss, I haven't been posting as regular as normal and there's three reasons for that, first reason being last week, I unfortunately lost my Uncle, it was a massive shock and none of my family knew just how ill he really was. In the past six months, I have lost the best Auntie and Uncle I could possibly, have ever wished for in my entire life. People say that saying goodbye is the hardest part, but for me, the hardest part is learning how to live without them.

c. The second reason. This is very personal, so I'm not going to go into details, but in the future I may do a full blog post on it. I'm not sure how many people would be interested in it, or would like to read it, but after 2 years of seeing a specialist for what they always suspected as an Overactive Bladder, I have finally been diagnosed with Diabetes Insipidus, it's very rare and I had no idea that it even existed. My medication for it hasn't been the most pleasant experience (it's included fainting, fits and convulsions) and I've been going to sleep at 11pm! I have lost a lot of my energy and I genuinely just haven't felt up to doing much at all. If you would like a blog post about my condition and what I have been through to get here, please do leave me a comment. The idea of helping others would just make me so, so happy.

d. Third reason being, is I've been working hell of a lot. Two of our members of staff at work have left and I've been getting extra hours - I'm not complaining nor is my bank, but with the above point, it's not been a great mix. I will try get myself together a bit and I do have some blog posts already in my drafts ready to post but I believe updating you guys is just something I'd rather do first.

Thank you guys for all your support and love, and a massive thank you to my family and my friends who have supported me so much during this horrible, and awful time in my life. I literally cannot thank you all enough.

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