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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Skirt // Internacionale // £9.99
I know I am lusting over the Topshop denim skater skirt but I am skint and I cannot justify spending a lot of money. This skirt is from the girls/kids section in Internacionale (I got an age 8-9! What an earth is with that?!?!?! Like seriously!)
Shorts // Primark // £4
I already have an aztec print in this style and I love them. They're so comfy and soft, just really simple to slip on in the warmer weather. I prefer being comfy than anything else when it's warm and it's just a bonus that these are actually pretty cute!
T-Shirt // Primark // £6 £3
If you know me, I am OBSESSED with anything Mickey and Minnie mouse related so when I saw this t-shirt, I had to get it. I just fell in love. It was on the sale rack for £3 which is super. I'm not sure how I plan on wearing this just yet though.
T-Shirt // Primark // £5
I'm sure everyones seen this t-shirt by now, but it's cute, comfy and a basic. The 'C'est la vie' is in a bead texture so I'm not sure if it'll last long but for a fiver, it was cute, it goes with the majority of my clothes and it's just a nice little staple to have.
Shoes // Primark // £8 £3
These were again another sale find. I've been meaning to pick up a pair of dolly shoes like this for a while, and they're in a nude/beige colour which is different from my all black preferences. They was reduced to £3 so I didn't really think about it too much.
Maxi Skirt // New Look // £12.99 £6
I also got this skirt in the teen section of New Look. I originally was just going to order a maxi skirt off eBay, but when I saw this in my local New Look, I realised it was going to be as cheap - if not cheaper to just buy it at New Look, so I did. 

I hope you've all had a good weekend :) xo

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  1. I love the dolly shoes from Primark! :)
    I picked up that white Disney tee last week too! x

    1. I'm obsessed with anything Mickey or Minnie based so I was so excited! It's so soft too! xo

  2. Cute clothes :) Love the floral shorts!


    1. They're a bargain for four pounds too! Really comfy too, wouldn't advise them if you're tall and don't want a bit of bum out though hahaha! xo

  3. These are some huge shopping divides. I always watch for benevolent social deals sales,good designs,I will definitely check it out. Thanks!