Sulphate Free Shampoo // Naked Rescue Review ♥

Sunday, 23 June 2013

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair, as much as I love how much it's growing (thank you Lee Stafford) it doesn't ever seem to get healthier or thicker. It doesn't get in worse condition but it's still frustrating. I started reading up on sulphate free shampoos and how much better they are for your hair. So I invested. I went with Naked Rescue and I picked the set up for fizzy and damaged hair.
I'll start with how delicious this stuff smells, I feel like I could eat it every time I use them. The smell lingers on my hair too which for me is a bonus, it just smells seriously good. Next time your in Boots I highly suggest just smelling their range, they all smell delicious. Anyway, beyond smell, they are sulphate free and 97% all natural products, I use them together once a week - the other time I use my Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo & Conditioner, I don't know if I'd suggest using these EVERY time you wash your hair, I have found my roots get greasy a lot quicker after using these products. 

Good points:
- They are sulphate free and do amazing things to my hair, the conditioner is probably the best conditioner I have EVER tried and that is saying something. Because they are sulphate free they are really gentle on my sensitive and sometimes sore scalp.
- They smell amazing. No words can explain how good they smell. They really do smell like sweet almond and just good. As you'd guess, the conditioner does have a hint of shea butter which is a nice, nourishing touch for the hair.
- They are 97% natural, so for environments sake they are incredible. 
- Naked (ALL of their products) are not in any way shape or form tested on animals, and the majority of Naked products are suitable for Vegans (there is a small list on their website for the ones that aren't suitable - you can find the list HERE)
- The shampoo surprisingly lathers up really well considering it is sulphate free!

Bad points: 
- Pretty much the only bad point I can think of is they don't work well with hair that has silicone products on. So if you do use silicone products I suggest using a sulphate shampoo and then this after, just to get rid of all the residue left in your hair.
- They tend to make my roots get greasier/oilier faster after use. Normally I can go up to 4 days without washing my hair, but I'm pushing it for 3 with these.

NAKED are definitely a brand I am looking into getting more products by. Purely for the fact they don't test at all on animals and all of their ingredients are sourced properly meaning the suppliers for the ingredients also don't test on animals. I am so glad I purchased these and my hair has not felt this good since... well ever. And it's just a bonus that this is the best my hair has ever smelt! Definitely a brand that I would recommend!

Have any of you guys tried any of the Naked products before? Or have any sulphate free shampoo recommendations? xo


  1. Lovely review! I love the good points and bad points summary :) I'm about to go SLS free with my shampoo and bodycare (I've already started with skincare), however as amazing as this shampoo sounds, I have ridiculously greasy hair so I don't think this sounds like The One. I am verrry tempted to buy the A'kin shampoo which is SLS free and for greasy hair, but it's £10.50 which I'm struggling to part with at the moment!!


    1. They do other ranges of them, I can't remember them all but it might be worth looking into. And L'oreal have a range of SLS free ones which aren't as pricey as £10.50 :)


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