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Friday, 24 May 2013

Bag // Primark // £6
When I saw this bag I just fell in love, it's an ideal size for going out into town at night (originally why I bought it) but it's also a perfect size if I just need to nip into town for errands, or to take to work (I only take my purse, phone and a bottle of water with me). It has a small compartment at the front and a larger compartment inside, it also has a little zip inside which makes it ideal to put phone/keys/important things in if you're like me and lose things easily! It's in a nude-y pink colour which I'm currently in love with and has a rosegold tinge to the chain and metal ware on it. I love it and I think it's a bargain for £6. Primark did have this in a few more colours too if nude isn't your thing!
Shorts // Primark // £4
I originally bought these to go running in (yes I know, they're far from running shorts) but I still haven't gone for this 'run' and I have also fallen in love with them as much more than just 'running shorts'. I think they'll look so cute with just some converse and a plain white or even black tee in the summer! Primark had other patterns and colours in but these are just my style, I love purples/blues/pinks so they're just perfect.
Necklace // Primark // £1 on sale
If you have seen my recent OOTD post then you will know I love a simple black tshirt, I was initially after some more statement pieces but I just couldn't find anything I absolutely loved. I picked these two simple and opposite necklaces up. One's more grungy looking and one is more delicate and girly, I'm not 100% sure how much wear I'll actually get out of these but for just £1 each, I couldn't resist.
Wedges // New Look // £15 on sale
Now, if you know me personally, I am not a heels person, in anyway shape or form. Last time I wore heels was at my prom, which is 5 years ago, and I fell down the stairs of the venue it was in. As funny as that may have been for everyone else, it has almost scarred me for life. But my lovely friend Josh, pressured me into buying these beautiful shoes. If you have seen my recent OOTN post, you will all know I wore these wedges out in town. I hope that you're all really proud of me! They was surprisingly comfy and I didn't fall over once even in my drunken state! I already want to buy more heels!

Hope you've all had a good week & hope you all have a good weekend! Oh and, would any of you guys like to see another post in the 'How I Style' series... I'm thinking either How I Style Converse and/or vans, please let me know your thoughts! xo

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  1. I LOVE those wedges! New look do some amazing shoes, they're so cheap too : ) Can't believe the bag was only 6 quid! Good old primark x