How I Style... // The Pinafore Dress ♡

Saturday, 4 May 2013

I recently picked up the 'pinafore' dress from Primark (it was a steal at just £10!) and decided to show you guys a few ways that I wear it.
Dress // Primark // £10
Blouse // Internacionale // £10 
Simple yet classy. A plain creamy coloured blouse with a bit of detailing at the back adds a little pop to the outfit.
Dress // Primark // £10
Crop Top // Primark // £4
Crop tops scare me in case I show too much skin/flab off, this is the right amount of skin on show for me & a very chic way to style this beaut crop top!
Dress // Primark // £10
Blouse // Charity Shop // £1
Monochrome is my favourite trend this S/S, the blouse contrasts nicely against the black dress and just adds something a little bit extra to the outfit. 

I found it pretty hard to style it when I first got it so I hope it helps/gives you guys some ideas! I'd love to know which of the three is your favourite & how you'd style a pinafore dress! xo

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  1. Great ideas, all look lovely! My favourite way to style a pinafore has to be with a crop top :) xx

  2. your style is great. would never had thought of these ideas.

  3. OMG that blouse was £1, I love it so much! Nice outfits, 3rd is my fave!
    Love your hair. xo

    Rachael -

  4. Love the black lace crop too with it! I've got a pinafore dress from topshop and I wear it to death! Lovely post! X