Revlon Colorstay // Review ♡

Thursday, 11 April 2013

About a month or so ago I purchased Revlon Colorstay in the shade 150 Buff (I got the one for combination/oily but they do also do it for dry skin), I got mine from Boots but it is also available in Superdrug. It retails for £12.49 - for me this is a bit pricey for a 'drugstore' foundation, however, I have enjoyed using it.

First, the good points :
1. This foundation is extremely long lasting, it lasts all day on my face without even using a primer. My face pretty much looks the same as when I first applied this to my face. However my days aren't much longer than 7/8 hours wear of makeup but I do feel like it would last all day, but may need touching up with powder if you do have oily skin.
2. It covers amazingly well. It is a pretty high coverage foundation, but it's not cakey. Although this is for oily/combination skin, I still have dry patches of skin and it doesn't stick or cake up around my dry skin. It doesn't really sink into my pores either, doesn't really hide them but certainly doesn't sink in to them. It does sit slightly 'heavy' on the skin though.
3. It comes in a pretty good shade range, I got mine in Buff because my local boots is tiny and doesn't actually stock the lightest shade which is Ivory, which I do wish I purchased instead of this. It's not TOO dark but it doesn't quite match my white pasty skin and takes a lot of blending in. But it does have a decent shade range for both pale and darker skin tones. 
4. It has a minimal amount of SPF, I'm not sure if this is a good/bad point. SPF 6?! Is there much point even putting an SPF in it? However it is a little reassuring - specially in the winter, that there is a little (only just a little!) bit of protection on your face.

And the bad points :
1. I hate the bottle. In fact I absolutely despise it. I hate HATE pouring foundation out. I ended up decanting this into an old empty foundation bottle (obv I cleaned it out etc) just so I can pump it out. It is so messy and so hard to control pouring it out of the bottle. It takes up so much time and it does waste a hell of a lot of product.
2. It's not the cheapest drugstore foundation, although saying that Revlon are probably the most expensive Drugstore brand anyway. 
3. It is pretty hard to blend. It dries and 'sets' pretty much immediately, you have to make sure you've blended it well. There is no point double checking a few minutes after! It is a bit difficult to work with, maybe the dry skin formulation isn't so bad, but the oily/combination formula dries and sets so quickly, and as I have the wrong shade, any foundation that isn't blended in well enough is so obvious - it's not a great look.

Overall, I think I would purchase this again, in the shade Ivory of course and maybe try the normal/dry skin formulation out to see if I have more luck blending that one into my skin. Have any of you guys tried out this foundation? And whilst I'm here, all you pale girls - do you have any suggestions for lighter foundations for the summer? This is FAR too heavy for the spring/summer! xo

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  1. I love this foundation for nights out. It has amazing coverage xx

  2. I'm tempted to try out the Nearly Naked foundation because I love this so much (I still kick myself for not getting the shade ivory though!) but for me it's just going to be far too heavy for the summer :(! xo