Elf Studio Matte Lip Colors // Review ♡

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Firstly apologies for my lack of posts just recently. I've 'injured' (when I say this... a nurse told me it was broken, then another nurse told me it's soft tissue swelling - my hand or my wrist isn't swollen) my wrist which is making typing and taking photos pretty difficult for me :( As the title says, this is going to be a review of the Elf Studio Matte Lip Colors (or lipsticks) as I absolutely adore them!

I first bought an Elf Studio Matte Lip Color (they currently have over 30% off these at the minute!) just before Christmas and I then I bought another one last week which just reminded me of how much I utterly adore the formula, the pigmentation and actually, everything about these lipsticks. 
As you can see 'Rich Red' is in fact a BRIGHT red, which from the images on the Elf website I expected a much darker red lip from the product. I do love it regardless but be wary of the colours on the website, they're not the most 'true to life' colour!
As you can see this is a more nude colour. Not so bright or in your face colour. It's an everyday lip colour for me, it's a pinky-lilac colour which I personally think is stunning. It does make me look very washed out if I don't have blusher and/or bronzer on but I am extremely pale anyway! 

I love the pigmentation of these lipsticks, they generally only need one coat and it's done. They are a pencil so application of these couldn't be easier, specially for touching up - the packaging is pretty sleek too, I have certainly seen worse! They are 'matte' but they aren't drying or feel heavy on the lips, they do work better (obviously) on lips that aren't cracked or dry but they don't make that worse for me. They last a relatively long time on the lips too, I find the red one does almost stain my lips so can wear off a little funny but like I say, it's easy enough to reapply these on the go.

'Tea Rose' is currently my go to lip colour practically everyday. I love these and I would recommend them to anyone! They are cheap and affordable and absolutely brilliant quality. Not to mention Elf do NOT test on animals which is just a bigger bonus for me! 
Have any of you guys tried these out? I'd love to know your opinions on them! xo

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  1. These looks lovely planning on ordering a few bits from Elf when I get paid so think I'll be popping these in my basket. I love Elf especially since they do not test on animals!



    1. I love Elf. I do find their products a bit hit and miss, but when they do get it right, they get it really right! I've been loving their liquid eyeliner (the £1.50 one!) so if you haven't already tried that I recommend you do :) xo