Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment // A Month On ♡

Thursday, 14 March 2013

So a short while ago (just over a month) I purchased the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment (see first impressions blog post here!) and long over due, here is my update. I am sure I will be doing another update so there is something more substantial to compare how quickly my hair is growing and etc. Just a note, I have been using this hair mask EVERY time I've washed my hair for just over a month now. I wash my hair twice a week (I'm not skanky! It's actually more healthier for your hair!) and I do not use ANY heat on my hair besides straightening my 'fringe'!
This photo was took the 1/1/2013, it's hard to tell how long my hair really is due to the awkward angle of my head, but this is the closest photo I have to compare the rest too. My hair is just past my collar bones when my head is in a normal position haha.
 This photo was took on the 25/02/2013, it was probably going to be more useful to take the photos from the back (I did for the next update picture) but as you can see my hair is an inch or two now past my collar bones.

And this was taken today (14/03/2013) as you can see, my hair needs a trim, but it does look slightly longer than the previous photos... or is this just me? I really do feel like this product has encouraged my hair to grow.

On to the more 'review' part, this product has actually changed my hair so much and for the better. My hair always feels soft after washing it. It always look pretty nice. It feels a lot healthier in itself, and the fact people are commenting on my hair growth in person is astonishing. I wouldn't say it's a miracle worker, but my hair would be completely lost without this product now! I will do another update in a months time and compare with the photos above, it might be easier to compare it to these photos!

Have any of you guys tried the Lee Stafford Hair Growth range? xo

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